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1. Caduceus welcomes contributions in any style of writing and around any topic. The writing can be in either Chinese or English. Slangs and jargons are acceptable. However, we so not accept the use of profanities in our publications;

2. Contributions should not contain contents that are deemed indecent or inappropriate, that aim to attack or slander other individuals or that is for the publicity of individuals, products, companies, religions and political stances. Those that do not satisfy the above guidelines are deemed unsuitable, thus Caduceus has the right to withhold publication;

3. The word limit for Chinese contributions is 1200 and for English, it is 700;

4. Contributions must be the original works of individuals who submit them, which have not been published beforehand;

5. We ask contributors to ensure that their submissions do not violate the intellectual property rights of others;

6. We also ask contributors to ensure that their submissions do not contain false claims or misleading information;

7. Caduceus holds the right to proofread and make amendments to both the title and the content of all contributions;

8. Pen names or real names are both accepted. Please kindly include your name, email address, programme and year of studies in your contributions;

9. Caduceus holds the right to all the decisions made on the final publication;

10. For further inquiries, you are welcome to contact Caduceus Editorial Board through email :


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