The future of Hong Kong and why liu xiaobo compt To M22 Kevin Lam, Ryan Chan 16/09/2017 A great fighter for China's freedom and democracy has fallen recently. The name is Liu Xiaobo. For a long time, the people of Hong Kong are concerned about the national issue. "the umbrella revolution", which are major demonstrations initiated by youth, in 2014 in the heart of Hong Kong is a first example of this. Since then, there are some "Localistes" who believe that Hong Kong does not belong to China and that Hong Kong is going to focus on its own affairs. But all in all, the origin of this political movement is for democracy in China, and when Hong Kong could have full universal suffrage to elect the chief executive of Hong Kong after reunification. And this main figure is Liu Xiaobo. Liu Xiaobo's death was mourned by many people in the world, but in Hong Kong, this news had encouraged the youth to reject and deny their national identity, that he believed that the responsibility for death was a Chinese communist party. It is not too far from the truth, but we must continue to support a free China is democracy too. The problem is not China, but the abolition of human rights and the responsibility of this central government. With the economic liberalisation of the market in China and the rise in living standards, the communist party can also be expected to increase civil liberties. A more free China and just favoriserais a Hong Kong with more democracy; a reality that China must move forward with us. But we can't think of a dead china democracy with Mr. Liu, it continues in Chinese hearts hoping for a free and fair China. His legacy continues, for a Chinese identity larger than now. Good-bye, Mr. Liu, the battle is just beginning. Woof! Sir, we have lost our lives to promote democracy, freedom and freedom, and we have lost our souls. The hearts and minds of the people of Hong Kong will not be more than one day. Since the age of, there has been a lot of discussions between the two countries of the city. It is said: " the people of my city, the heart of my city, is more than ever The political development of the country, its free dictatorship, has nothing to do with me. That would be an intellectual, but not enough to move. The passing of sir, the local media are widely reported, yet the young people are still in the process of abandoning their national identity. It is true. There is no harm in the democratic process of the democratic process in our city. This is a-Year-old party that cannot be scrapped, and this is not a tribute to the people. Referenece:

Caduceus, Medical Society,Hong Kong University Students’ Union

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