The Five People You Meet In Lectures --M23 Umchun60 As the (paraphrased) saying goes, ‘Three lectures a day keeps the happiness away,’ we all have our ways of surviving these gruelling ordeals. What is yours and what are those of your friends? Tag your pals to show how well you know them! Type I: The BJers ‘I learned so much from MH Whole Class Sessions; can’t see why the rest of the class are skipping them. Btw, have y’all checked out the latest version of Grant’s? Dissection was such a breeze after I read it all.’ Type II: The Hypocrites ‘Dun even know if I can pass Formative (last time I checked I got 95% correct, not too bad). I told you I myself don’t even know how I got into medic. Lectures are too damn difficult (difficult to get confused, tbh) and probably you’ll see me in M24.’ Type III: The Distractors ‘Lemme go check out what Tasty is up to today… and I’ll hit fullscreen to get everyone behind me drooling (evil chuckle).’ Type IV: The Heavy sleepers ‘Lecture is at 8:30, so I’ll (try to) get up at the same time. Getting awake at 7 or even 6 is just inhumane, won’t you say??? With some luck, no one will notice it when I sneak in through the back door.’ Type V: The Spectres ## Error 404 Not Found. INSUFFICIENT LECTURE APPEARANCE TO GENERATE A MEANINGFUL PROFILE ##

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