About Us - Session 2018

Role of Caduceus


As Caduceus welcomes its 96th year, we will not relent in pursuing our motto「啟思啟我思,我思啟啟思。」 We will spare no effort in collecting and delivering thought-provoking articles and ideas to our readers. At the same time, we will always remain open-minded to any suggestion and ready to improve. Ultimately, we aspire to foster Caduceus to thrive under the wise opinions from our readers.


Caduceus is a place of self-reflections and inspirations. Preoccupied with our hectic studies all the time, we are inevitably overwhelmed by this single aspect. Yet, we believe humanities, ethics and morals are indispensable to a successful medical practitioner. In light of this, interviewing luminaries from across the medical fields and discussing different controversial medical issues will be some food for thought to our readers.


Caduceus has been frequently mixed up with the Rod of Asclepius as a symbol of medicine, but we preserve the name and logo of the Editorial Board as a sign of respect for the Board's history and the great effort of our predecessors.

Caduceus acts as a medium through which feelings and ideas can be exchanged freely. Such sophisticated exchanges of thoughts are all too rare in our faculty, be it inter or intra-curriculum. Therefore, Caduceus will strive to encourage peer interaction and sharing of personal interests, which we believe will strengthen our mutual understanding and bonding.


Caduceus also serves as an entertainment platform. Tough as it is to study in the Medical Faculty, leisure can never be overlooked. In view of this, not only will Caduceus focus on solemn topics, our publications will also include articles devoted to trends and fashion from music, movies, to travelling, under our lifestyle column. We aim to relieve readers’ academic pressure and enhance their learning experience in the Medical Faculty.


Last but not least, Caduceus connects our readers with society. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep abreast of current affairs. In reality, however, most of us can hardly spare the time to do so. Therefore, Caduceus will handpick important current issues and discuss controversial and heated topics in our articles. Those columns will be presented in an organized and appealing way to raise readers’ awareness of current affairs.


As the cabinet of Session 2018, we recognise no limits in our pursuit to bring you quality issues. Team spirit, compromise and cooperation will remain as our cornerstone. While we try to be a force of inspiration and wisdom, we will also stay curious and ready to be inspired in turn, as etched in our motto. Let words speak for themselves.




Caduceus has been a source of inspiration for medical students for nearly a century. Over the course of 96 years, a good many talented members have introduced vastly different but equally meaningful content in our issues. However much our style evolves, the value of Caduceus has and will stay the same—the emphasis on ‘Veritas’.


Veritas represents the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was one of the major traits that the Romans thought they should uphold at all times. Caduceus considers veritas our foremost principle underlying our every action. For instance, veritas manifests itself as adhering to facts in medical news abstracts and commentaries, and as speaking wholeheartedly in expressive writing. Otherwise, they would be misleading and meaningless.


Proud as we are to own a rich tradition behind us, Caduceus will keep struggling for new heights. In our yearly issue to be published in September 2018, you will see the birth of the section ‘Mi Vida Loca’, featuring different kinds of lifestyle entertainment. A list of classic and famous songs from our generation will be composed, movie reviews written regularly, and travel journal published for both long and short-haul trips we have been to. All these are done in hopes that medical students will be able to forage outside the narrow confine of their faculty by staying abreast of the latest trends and visiting all the beautiful and exotic corners of the globe. Last but not least, ‘Mi Vida Loca’ will also include a ‘Restaurant Guide in Medical Faculty’ to share with readers quality places for dining near the faculty.


To arouse the attention of medical students to the hot issues in society, Caduceus has always included both medical and social issues in the publications. Caduceus 2018 will continue this fine tradition, as well as incorporating some new elements in our ways of presentation. The columns will follow the format of a brief introduction of news, followed by the views of two or more stakeholders, and lastly, some follow-up questions. Readers can reflect upon these debates and contemplate their roles and responsibilities within them. They are welcomed to send us their stances and rationales, which will be posted on our page. All in all, peer-to-peer interaction is an indispensable element of Caduceus, so the ‘Medicinews’ and ‘Matter’ will represent another of our endeavours to create more channels for reader feedbacks.


The past Caduceus issues place more emphasis on words, and less on photos and pictures. While we understand and appreciate the rationale behind, changes will be introduced this year. ‘Tes Souvenirs’, which implies our memories, will be added as another new online section. All students are encouraged to share the photos they take, regardless of the theme, be it food, sports, music, natural scenery or some serious musing. With the caption limited to one sentence, this part solely intends to allow our medical students to relax and look at the world from others’ eyes. Those sharing photos can talk about their lives and express their emotions at the same time. This is a section that can both provide entertainment and trigger deep reflection. Through this, and other sections mentioned, we hope our readers will proactively anticipate our issues instead of receiving them passively.


Caduceus pledges to make a difference this year. We hope the array of modifications can tug at our readers’ heartstrings. With strong teamwork and perseverance, and most importantly and indispensably, your unwavering support, the sky is the limit for Caduceus.

Theme of 2018 - Veritas


‘Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.’ — James E. Faust


Truthfulness is an attribute that is greatly valued in every era and in every place. While it appears simple to speak the truth, this is not the case in our current society. As James E. Faust said, honesty itself comprises of many merits as well, each more challenging to implement than the last. As such, Caduceus 2018 picked ‘Veritas’, the Latin word for ‘Truth’, to be our theme this year.


Veritas has an inextricable link to our theme colour this year—silver. Silver tarnishes in the face of poison, just as truth corrupts under the threat of falsehood and irrational bickering; absolutely pure silver is extremely hard to obtain, much like the fact that the absolute truth that we all seek is and will always be beyond our reach. ‘Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.’ Such is the witty remark by the Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, André Gide. As mere mortals, we will not attempt to define the truth, but will instead plough the soil on which the tree of veritas may one day bear fruits.


Keeping track of current affairs being one of the primary concerns among medical students, we will continue Caduceus’ fine tradition of publishing news abstracts and commentaries from our readers. However, we opt to avoid taking a stance in these debates, because truth can never bud from subjectivity and bias. Some may call it sitting on the fence, but we deem it infinitely more preferable than leaning towards one side and eventually falling off it. It is our firm belief that as long as we supply our readers with accurate, uncensored facts, they will be able to form their own impressions of veritas.


Having an accurate understanding of the world is indispensable, yet it is equally important to know thyself. Medical related articles and interviews will be another of our centrepieces in our upcoming issues, and they will help you discover your true self—the student you currently are and the medical professional you aspire to become in the foreseeable future. It is disheartening to know that many of us join this field due to its lucrative nature, but is remuneration truly our sole desire? As each publication of Caduceus digs deeper and deeper into the world of medical humanities, you will be inspired to contemplate the veritas about your future and your goal in life.


Understanding the truth about oneself is never limited to one’s profession alone. We are all human and experience our unique set of feelings and emotions. We deem it our mission to help our fellow students confront their genuine joy and sorrow, anger and grief, instead of leaving them buried by the immense workload that each and every one of us faces. Caduceus will remain a major platform for our readers to submit casual and expressive pieces. Moreover, with the novel introduction of the entertainment section, we keenly invite all of you to let your playful and sentimental alter ego shine through. Accepting the different facets of your personality may give you a clue as to where your genuine trajectory in life will lie.


The ancient Latin said, ‘In vino veritas’ (In wine, there is truth), and to us, it is ‘In Argentum veritas’ (in silver, there is truth). Wine itself is not the truth, but it encourages the drunk to speak with honesty; silver itself is not veritas, but it can be an indicator of purity. Proudly owning a 95-year-old history, Caduceus has seen a diverse repertoire of tones and styles. As we embrace the year 2018 and the 96th year of the organisation, fresh faces and ideas will once again be introduced to Caduceus. Yet, the struggle to inspire our readers to seek veritas will always be a core element of our spirit.



We inspire our readers to think and readers inspire us to think.

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