Our Role Embracing the 95th anniversary this year, Caduceus has a long history as the Society Newspaper Editorial Board of the Medical Society. We always bear our motto, ‘We inspire our readers to think and readers inspire us to think’ (啟思啟我思,我思啟啟思), in mind, hence understanding our role to not only bring inspiration to readers, but also be inspired by their feedback. With the view to initiating our readers’ interest and giving live to our publications, we spare no pains to refine our articles and improve the standards of publications. Caduceus serves as a platform to enhance communication among students. Seeing the lack of communication and exchange of ideas between students from different curricula, Caduceus stands out to promote such an interaction. Apart from strengthening the bonding among students, Caduceus also has the role to build up networks between readers and editors. In light of this, we open our discussion to readers through online media to provide more room for interaction.
Logo of Caduceus
Caduceus serves as a channel for medical students to explore the globe more deeply. It is our responsibility to initiate the interest of medical students, who have busy schedule and hardly grasp the chance to know the outside world, from things around the campus to issues in the society. We believe that Caduceus has the role to present social issues in an attractive, penetrating and concise way, thus aiding students to keep in line with the latest news continuously so that they will not be too isolated from the community. What’s more? We aim to cater to the taste of our readers by issuing articles corresponding to the diversified topics of medical study. Caduceus acts as a provoker of ideas and reflections. In order to keep the stance towards controversial issues unbiased, we will definitely provide opinions from different perspectives, instead of simply expressing our own views on the issues in heated debate. We hope that we can inspire our readers to think critically and independently, but not to induce our thoughts on them. Therefore, we would like to create an environment in which students can make their own justifications and stances after much rumination on different evidence and values. Caduceus acts as an entertainer for readers. As our readers are students from the Faculty of Medicine who are usually under immense academic stress, we offer a wide selection of captivating topics, ranging from medical-related journals to casual and humorous articles. We aim to soothe our readers’ daily pressure from lectures or notes by entertaining them with articles. As the proposed cabinet of Session 2017, we promise to bring the best reading experience to readers and cooperate to finish our work with intact team spirit. We will never hesitate in injecting inspirations and knowledge into our readers. We are confident that we could make Caduceus provide the best service to the Medical Faculty. Mission & Vision In the coming year, Caduceus hopes to enlighten the minds of medical students, bringing them a sense of hope and renewal amidst their hectic studies. Sunrise is the first beam of light which breaks through darkness and brings us warmth. It corresponds well with the vision of Caduceus to ignite sparks in our fellow medical students. We believe that as medical students, the foremost lesson we have to teach ourselves is how we can change our society for the better. This is why Caduceus hopes to inform readers of heated social issues, and at the same time allow readers to take a break from their busy schedules. Sunrise also represents a new start. Exploring different unknown possibilities is one of the highlights this year as illustrated by our new publication - Postcard. Postcard is a special publication celebrating Caduceus 95th anniversary in 2017. We hope that our readers, through reading the postcard contents and writing messages to their friends or just themselves, would be able to discover and appreciate the infinite possibilities encoded by words in both past and present. To arouse readers’ interests in social issues, we have incorporated a new interactive session under the column of ‘News Anatomy’. We would be asking students on campus regarding their stances on a certain topical issue through a simple polling with highlights of their comments printed in the issue. This new attempt encourages our readers to reflect more on issues happening in Hong Kong. At the same time, it bridges the communication between us and the readers by allowing us to know more about what our readers think and value. We also hope to act as a channel of connection, between medical students and the outside world and also among medical students. Meeting people from varying curricula and listening to their stories can open our readers’ eyes to a whole new spectrum of life. This is why we introduce ‘Humans of HKU’, where we will be finding HKU students or staff studying or working in various faculties (DELETED). We will attach a brief yet concise caption of our interviewees, which we think can best sum up their life stories or lessons they have learnt. A new section “Things to Know About Med. Fac.” portraying features of the six curricula of Medical Faculty through interviewing medical students is also introduced so as to enhance mutual understanding of medical students. To raise our readers’ interests in movie and literature appreciation, we also propose a new column called ‘Words of Wisdom’, where we will be listing quotes from a film or literature and interpretations on such quotes will be offered in the hope of inspiring our readers to think. Caduceus believes that through such interaction, we can urge our readers to acknowledge the beauty of art and understand more about the humanity facet. In the year to come, Caduceus will definitely spare no effort in instilling knowledge in readers as well as exposing them to various spectra of our world. We believe that with our unceasing effort, Caduceus can certainly steer towards a clear and right direction, just as the sunrise.
Theme of 2017 - Sunrise It is pitch-black. Every inch of the landscape is enveloped in a distressingly huge, empty, boundless expanse of darkness. It seems that time drags on for an eternity, and there is no end to our gloominess and hopelessness. The atmosphere is suffocating: even the air feels dense and depressing. Until that very moment. Sunrise. A regular natural phenomenon, sunrise takes place at roughly the same time every day. So routine we have got used to it, just as we have taken the existence of Caduceus for granted, when we receive a new issue every few months on a regular basis. It is about time we paused for a moment to marvel at the beauty of sunrise, and to ponder why Caduceus exists in the first place. Sunrise is a symbol of hope. The moment the sun rises above the eastern horizon, we know that the first ray of hope will soon reach us. Our faith and belief in the future is reignited, whereas our last bit of doubt vanishes. We hope that Caduceus can shed hope upon our readers, enabling them to vision the world in a whole new perspective, one that is more cheerful and optimistic.
Sunrise marks the beginning of a brand-new day. We believe that Caduceus 2017, with new faces and a brand new year plan, will come up with something fresh and original in the upcoming year. Creativity and innovation are most valued and cherished by us. Sunrise stands for enlightenment. As the Society Newspaper Editorial Board of the Medical Society, we are tasked with spreading new ideas and inspirations among our fellow medical students, which also echoes the literal meaning of “啟思". It is our responsibility to pass on the torch of knowledge and provide a platform on which different stakeholders can exchange their views. Having said that, enlightenment is by no means unilateral. Not only do we inspire our readers, but we also want them to inspire us. Get up at six, bring along an issue of Caduceus, and take a stroll at a nearby park. Greet everyone you meet on the footpath, have a look around, and feel the vibrancy of nature. When you get tired, sit on a bench, and flip open the issue to whatever page you like. A cup of steaming coffee will be a plus. You’ll be surprised by how refreshing and invigorating the experience is-breathing in the crisp morning air while bathing in the warm glow of sunlight. As the saying goes, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Once the sun begins to rise, nothing can stop it. And the process goes on until the last trace of darkness is erased. The same is true for Caduceus 2017.

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‘We inspire our readers to think and readers inspire us to think' 啟思啟我思,我思啟啟思