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"The magazine Reader's Digest is now one of the best selling magazines in the world, with global readership of almost 70 millions. And the Caduceus is the equivalent of the Reader's Digest for HKU medics."


by Professor S.P. Lee, Former Dean of the Medical Faculty, The University of Hong Kong


Caduceus is a regular publication produced by students from the Medical Society of HKU, targeting undergraduates who are studying Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at HKU. The Caduceus Editorial Board is intended to act as a messenger between medical students, staff of the Medical Faculty and the University, and other Union members. It is also intended to provide a medium for expression of views and for publishing the most up-to-date information.

Our History


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Caduceus began as a medical journal and the first issue was published in April 1922. The first Editorial Board comprised of a chairman, an editor, an assistant-editor and a business manager. The first Editorial Board aimed high, they do not intend merely to make this journal a record of the activities of the Medical Society of the University, but one of the leading scientific journals in Asia.


The pre-war Caduceus was suspended after its last publication in February 1941, as a Japanese invasion was imminent. However, the publication of Caduceus did not resume after the war. In the 1960s, because a progressively increasing awareness of medical students on university and social affairs, a regularly published newspaper that could cover time-sensitive issues became high in demand. On the instruction of the Medical Students' Council, Caduceus – this time the Society's Official Newspaper – was resurrected on 15th January 1969.


For more than eight decades, the Caduceus Editorial Board has demonstrated its tremendous value by recording the happiness and sadness, the hopes and fears, and the pride and humanity of our Medical Faculty. It has already become an indispensible part of the faculty.

Session 2018


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Stepping into the 96th anniversary of Caduceus, the Editorial Board hopes to continue its honourable mission, to provide medical students with new insights and knowledge, and to bridge the gap between individuals and the community.

We inspire our readers to think and readers inspire us to think.

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