//Wassup Weekend//
考完summative百無聊賴? 上完堂唔知可以做咩?(除左溫書之外) 以後Cadu 每逢星期五,都帶俾你電影/歌/小說/餐廳recommendation,敬請各位期待~ 第一彈recommendation: 電影+小說+流行曲 電影 Ocean’s 8 盜海豪情:8美千嬌 週末、假期唔知睇咩戲好? 6月14日(琴日)上映的Ocean’s 8集齊8位金像影后級美女,向當年Ocean’s 11致敬。 劇情緊湊,中意睇偷盜片(now you see me, 技術者們,Catch me if you can)的朋友不容錯過。 亦適合中意荷李活動作片的同學 就算冇咩特別中意,衝住演員陣容都值回票價啦。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFWF9dU5Zc0 Novel This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor - by Adam Kay Fresh from the oven, published just last year, Adam takes full advantage of his whimsical wits in creating a light-hearted compilation of diary entries, where he reveals to the world his encounters and experiences as a junior doctor working in the NHS (UK), mainly in the O&G department (wink wink). Being in the medical profession is no joke but a dash of humour and a generous amount of sacrifices seem to be the perfect way to sweeten up his ‘servings’. And at the end, you will find out what it took for Adam to reconsider his white coat career. 流行曲 治癒系列——慢慢喜歡你 就咁睇歌名你可能會話未聽過,但我肯定你地總會係某區既cafe餐廳電台聽過呢首歌,就算唱唔出歌詞但都會哼得出旋律。因為呢首歌真係好清新好舒服,絕對適合炎炎夏日係屋企休息既你,又或者係出國旅行搭車途中欣賞景色既你。唔好等啦快啲㩒下面條link去聽下呢首由莫文蔚詮釋,才子李榮浩作曲填詞既慢慢喜歡你啦! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lEhWfucJMs

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